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Welcome to the Dungeon Chart powered by Silver Sunshine [SiSu]. This table offers a list of all dungeon paths as well as higher tier fractals in Guild Wars 2 and allows for comfortable marking of finished or repeated paths.

1. Dungeon name.

2. Zone name the dungeon is located at. Move mouse cursor over zone name to discover the waypoint link of the dungeon. Waypoints can be copied by simply clicking on them. This feature requires at least Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 41, Chrome 43 or Opera 29. Waypoints can be copied on older browsers by pressing Ctrl+C. In both cases, waypoints can be pasted into any active game chat by pressing Ctrl+V.

3. Path name. Name as well as other information regarding the specific path. Also shows minimum recommended level if the related option is activated in settings.

4. Next reward. Shows the reward the player can expect at next path completion. Enemy loot as well as contents from chests at the end are not included.

5. Click to pin. Pinning avoids hiding the particular entry even if specified otherwise in settings. Pinning the title activates or deactivates all single path pins. Pins next to paths only control that specific path.

6. Click to label path as done by player. Controls already finished paths. Click repeatedly to update status. Green circle means the path has not been done yet. Orange circle means the path has been finished once. Red or grey circle stand for twice or three times finished path. There are no more path rewards after the third time.

7. Reward sum. (Temporarily disabled) If activated in settings, shows the total of all rewards from finished dungeon paths, taking into account all repeated paths.

Additional notes:

- Option settings offer detailed explanations about each setting.
- Daily fractal information is not being updated live at the time since ArenaNet does not yet offer the required API data. Please reload the page about 3 minutes after daily reset in order to show new daily information.
- By clicking the clock a countdown until daily reward reset is summoned. This countdown relies on the operating system time on your computer. Make sure time as well as time zone for your location are set correctly.
- Even at dungeons requiring lower levels, it's very recommended not to start any exploration path before reaching level 80.
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Welcome to the Dungeon Chart powered by [SiSu]. The chart shows all available Tyria fractals dungeons with all of their paths. Click on the green button to mark the dungeon as done by player, the entry will update to the next reward level. Click again after the next visit to show the following reward. The entry will reset after the third reward level. When marking any fractal, all related fractals of the same and lower tiers will be marked too. Please refer to the Help section or see information under each setting for further usage.

Powered by Silver Sunshine [SiSu]. Guild Wars since 2005.

Reset dungeonsFraktale zurücksetzten
Show dungeons before fractals
Shows dungeons before or after fractals. Default setting is before.
Hide entries
Shows only pinned entries. Table will hide completely if no entry is pinned. To change pins deactivate this option or press Shift.
Save pinned entries permanently
Saves pinned eintries permanently or only until next reset.
Show recommended level
Shows the recommended player level next to each dungeon path title.
Show daily fractals only
Hides all fractal entries not related to daily achievements.
Hide finished fractals
Hides all fractal entries that have been marked as done.